Thursday, September 28, 2017

How do I change my Gmail password?

As far as the internet is concerned, there’s a lot at stake. You have data breaches, threats from viruses, spams and much more. Your data security is no doubt of paramount importance. But it is also necessary for you to have the desired mechanisms in place.

As a precautionary measure, your first priority needs to be securing the Gmail account. For the very same reason, you can change the password. When you make it a point to periodically change the password, it does help to restrict the online hackers from accessing your sensitive data.
However, the procedure to change the password is not easy to follow, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Nevertheless, the process is so designed that you are not required to face too many obstacles. Somewhere, down the line, you have to make a start.

A Quick Guide to Change Gmail Password

In order to change the password related to your Gmail account, you have to follow the steps mentioned below:-
·         Open your web browser and sign-in to
  •          Now, move your cursor onto the Settings icon.
  •          Click on the Settings icon and Select Accounts and Imports.
  •          Click Change Password, wherein you are required to verify the account.
  •          As you are trying to change the password, it is important for you to provide the old login password.
  •         Click Next and type in the new password in the field mentioned below.
After resetting the password, you can use the new password to access the Gmail account. The above step by step guide is meant to provide you with a glimpse of what basically needs to be done, so as to achieve your primary objective.

There are other security measures, which you can employ. But under the current circumstances, changing the password on a periodic basis seems to be the best logical option.
In case, you are not successful

The scenarios are not individual specific. On the contrary, it comes down to the existing circumstances. You are not in a position to control the external factors. Likewise, when it comes to changing the password and you are not in a position to complete the procedure, there is no reason to fret.  Nevertheless, by reaching out to one of the experts using the Gmail customer service phone number, you are likely to find a solution. Once you have successfully changed the password, it means you have accomplished the task. At least, for the time being, your Gmail account is safe and secure. 

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